Distracted and Drowsy Driving  

This training module has been developed to address the dangers and realities of distracted and drowsy driving. This awareness initiative is to remind us of what it takes to remain among the safest carriers in America.

Lane Change and rear end accidents

This training module has been developed to address the recent challenges related to accident frequency. Lane change and rear end accidents are our two most frequency types of accidents at Heartland Express.  




Learn how your Opti-Idle works and how to use it.  Know how to arm the Opti-Idle, engine and themostat mode and other tips.  Heartland Express wants you to have comfort and confidence, in all weather. 

How to...

Frieghtliner Trucks

Optimized Idle Park Smart     Watch Video >
Optimized Idle Thermostat     Watch Video >

International Trucks

Maxforce with Espar Heater (Airtronics)     Watch Video >
Maxpower with Auto Start-Stop (Hydronics)     Watch Video >


Michael Gerdin, Chairman and CEO

Michael Gerdin Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Heartland Express welcomes all new drivers to the team.   He also explains why Heartland is committed to providing the highest quality of service and safety in the trucking industry.     Watch Video >  

Terminal Procedures

When entering the yard you will need to fuel, go through the inspection bay, wash bay, report to operations window with medical card, and request supplies at open window.     Watch Video >


Welcome to Heartland Express, the leader in on time service in the truck load industry.  You are the drivers that are accepting the challenge to work at Heartland.  Today you are starting on the journey with Heartland Express.    
Watch Video >


Transflo Express is a free service.  You are responsible for turning in paperwork for every load you deliver.  If you lose your bill, contact billing immediately.  In order to qualify for detention pay, you must notate in and out times on the BOL for each stop.     Watch Video >

Fuel - Company Drivers

The fuel departments primary responsibilities are activating and troubleshooting driver Comdata Cards, pricing and ordering fuel for the terminals, fuel taxes, assisting drivers with fuel decisions, EZ Passes, and address changes.     Watch Video >

Risk Management

Unlike other companies, Risk Management, not Safety, is the department you would contact for any accidents or equipment damage.  If you are involved in an accident, call Risk Management first.     Watch Video >

Hazardous Material

General awareness/familiarization training. Each hazmat employee shall be provided general awareness/ familiarization training designed to provide familiarity with the requirements of this subchapter, and to enable the employee to recognize and identify hazardous materials consistent with the hazard communication standards of this subchapter.     Watch Video >

Defensive Driving COuRSE "DDC" Training

The safety of drivers  and other motorists we share the road with is an area that Heartland Express can never take lightly or limit training. This video is designed to go back to the foundation of safe driving with a good attitude and observation skills needed to be aware of our drivers surrounding at all time, and how to use the appropriate techniques when safety challenges are placed in our driving environment.  Watch Video > 

Trailer ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System)

ABS systems monitor wheel speed and controls braking.  You always want to check the ABS system when doing a pre-trip to make sure it is working properly or if there is an issue.  If an issue occurs, you want to find out what the code is and try and reset.  If the code continues, call your driver manager and/or breakdown for repair or information to get to the proper terminal.     Watch Video >

Pre-Trip Inspection

The purpose of the Pre-trip Inspection is to be able to do a thorough safety inspection on a commercial vehicle before heading out onto the highway.  Not all parts mentioned in this video will be located in the same place. It depends on the truck you’ll do the pre-trip on. Truck and engines vary greatly, so you must first get familiar with where these parts are on your truck.    Watch Video >

Fuel - Owner Operators

Owner Operators are issued a red Comdata Card.  This card is used for fuel and cash.  Money is advanced based on miles ran during the week, and is available 6pm CT Friday - 11:59pm CT Thursday.  Deduction occurs when the card is used.     Watch Video >