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East to West or North to South, Heartland Express is now hiring and running in all 48 states!

Truck Driving Positions

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We have positions available for OTR in the Eastern division, Western division, and all 48 states.   Earn up to 55.5¢ per mile depending on verifiable driving experience.  
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With 21 terminals across the United States, enjoy running close to home in a regional state area. Earn up to 50.5¢ per mile depending on the region and driving experience and up to 54.5¢ per mile in the Green Zone (Northeast Region of the US).
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Shorthaul (fixed income) driving positions are available in many of our markets.  These drivers are paid a set amount each week regardless of how many miles are driven.  Earn up to a weekly rate of $1,100 per week depending on location!
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Dedicated lane opportunities exist for consistent running lanes in select markets.  Our pay for our Dedicated Fleet has gone up all across the country!  Dedicated Lanes will get you home weekly. Please contact our recruiters to discuss if this might be a fit.
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Local positions exist for drivers in several cities throughout the country.  These drivers will be able to choose from a wide variety of day and night shifts.  If a local driving position is not currently available in your area,  we strongly encourage you to consider one of our regional positions. 
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Drive the continental United States from coast to coast.  Various home-time preferences are available.  Earn up to 58¢ per mile depending on driving experience, and up to 62¢ per mile in the Green Zone (Northeast Region of the US).  
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Owner Operators

Owner operators have long been part of our successful history, at one time making up over half of our fleet. We still love to partner with you small business owners, offering up to 97¢ per mile plus fuel surcharge, paid licensing, paid base plates, paid cargo insurance, and more.
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Temperature Control

 Our driving, operations and sales staff have extensive training and experience with perishable freight to ensure your cold chain standards are met each and every load.  We offer chill, frozen, deep freeze and
freeze protect services. 
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Heavy Haul

Our Heavy Haul fleet offers customers the opportunity to haul the largest amount of weight within state limits. For shippers looking to maximize not only cube, but weight as well, our Heavy Haul fleet is the solution.
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Drivers who have been off the road for awhile working in another field may have the opportunity to refresh driving skills for a brief period, and earn pay based on all previous driving experience.
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